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Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji

The first thing you will notice from the work of Ji Yong-Ho are the ‘tires’. The tires surrounding the three dimensional pieces are relatively strange and rare in art. He accordingly combines various types of tires to create accurate forms of animals. In other words, he used tires to create sculptures. Of course, such creations require a perfect understanding of the medium and must also have the certain techniques required to handle the medium. But, that does not mean that his objective lies in tires. Tires are a medium that will translate what he means to express most sufficiently.

In the animal-like forms Yong Ho Ji created with the tire, the forms are generally realistic and refined, despite the rough texture of the tire used as the artistic material. Of course, upon closer view, one realizes that the forms do not resemble real animals. There is a sculpture that upon first glimpse resembles a horse, but its hind legs are those of a cows and the tail of a chicken. In these figures, tires intensify the grotesqueness to create science-fiction like monstrous figures.

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