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Art: The Rules of Abstraction

This documentary charts the rise of abstract art over the last 100 years, whilst trying to answer a set of basic questions that many people have about this often-baffling art form. How

Cubism: Revolutionized Painting and Sculpture

Cubism is an early-20th-century avant-garde art movement that revolutionized European painting and sculpture, and inspired related movements in music, literature and architecture. Cubism has been considered the most influential art movement of

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum is open in St.Petersburg, Florida. Salvador Dali was a Spanish artist who became a “leader of the Surrealist Movement“ during his time. His paintings / art are amazing but

Crevasse – Making of 3D Street Art

Crevasse - Making of 3D Street Art. In Dun Laoghaire the "Festival of World Culture" took place from 21. to 24. of August 2008. Edgar Müller has followed the invitation and continued